Sunday, October 29, 2006


I don’t think I’ve ever been mistaken for a country girl. Actually, I don’t think I would have much fun living in regional Queensland without a few key props from urban life: books, CDs & movies, face cream, coffee beans and the particular multivitamins I like I have sent up especially from Brisbane and Melbourne. But I don’t like to give myself a hard time about it; I spent a good six months when we first arrived here, testing out the products that are available in the local shops, before I gave in and decided that it would be easier and better for everyone if I acknowledged that Townsvillians’ tastes run differently to mine, and that I should just order in what I like.

When it came to bathers, it was pretty obvious that what was on sale in the local shops would not do (totally trashy, cheap and ill-fitting to boot). My current costume was clearly not up to a punishing third season, so the only thing was drive to Cairns for a shopping trip.

It was a lovely trip. One hundred-percent-successful, and the best part was christening my new togs at The Boulders (at Babinda just south of Cairns) on the way home.


Peter Cook said...

I've always found the "no bathers" option to be a good one. And bum skin always grows back if the rocks are a bit rough. It helps to live in Tassie where hardly anyone goes in the water and you've usually got the beach/lake/river to yourself.

Eileen said...

I never heard the term bathers before. I think I will start tossing it around so I look clever and wordly- do you think it will work?

Naomi said...

You never know. I tried to include as many of the different terms as I could, for that very purpose.

What do you usually call them?

Eileen said...

very dull and stodgy. We call them your suit. As in your bathing suit. Or who are you trying to fool in that suit- you shouldn't show that much.

Naomi said...

Oh, in that case I think you should definitely take up the term bathers.

I like bathers because it reminds me of all those old paintings of people swimming in rivers (you know, Renoir, Seurat etc and Australians like Roberts and Streeton did paintings of bathers too). That's what I was thinking of during our dip in the creek at The Boulders.