Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mine Fog

Lovely sunrise this morning. The dry and the dust and the smoke from the bushfires that are headed our way really bring out the colours as the sun peeks over the horizon, and I love the new east-facing window through which I get to see it.

I’m trying not to tell you what I was up to while I was watching the sunrise this morning, Sunday morning. I’d rather you thought I had been out drinking and dancing all night, or perhaps up early for a camping trip or a long drive … but no, I was filing. My new job is extremely heavy on the paperwork, and I was filing before the sun was up.

Just you think yourself lucky.


Hayden said...

And I am very very proud of you working so hard out there :-) I hope that you get some exciting filing to do soon :-)

Lots of love


tunabake said...

ahhhh filing, that is in my job description as well. I haven't managed to get one single paper cut or cardboard cut: I am very proud of myself. speak to you sooner now naomi now that I have a better job. toorah, claire