Friday, October 13, 2006

The Barbie

My birthday present to Hayden has taken us a step closer to the ultimate Townsville lifestyle. I got him a barbie. I decided on it after a long brainstorming session with a couple of the blokes from work. It went something along these lines:
"Get him voucher for BCF, he'll love ya!"
"Nah... get him a jetski. If a girl got me a jetski, I'd know she was truly committed to the relationship."

After that, a barbie seemed a fair compromise.

What with me being away at work for so long, and a couple of nights earlier in the week being tempered with a bit of wind and rain, it was not until last night that we inaugurated the thing, with a couple of kangaroo steaks and harmless chilli peppers. They were delicious.

Even so, I’m not going to do any more - at present - to propel us further towards the ultimate Townsville lifestyle. I’m shying away from saying the words, because I know that many people from other countries don’t understand how Australians can allow animals from their coat of arms to be farmed and butchered and sold in the shops … let alone actually going out and shooting the roos themselves. Don’t worry everyone, we’ll stop way before we get to that.


eighty laps said...

Congratulations on the Bar-b. Can you believe (in Dunedin) that after having snow only a couple of days ago we have 27 degrees. Definitely makes me want to have a bar-b.

Eileen said...

A man who can smoke your meat is worth is weight in gold.

Mr E said...

Who buys someone a jetski as a gift? Someone who knows how much the life insurance policy is worth. Best avoided.

Peter Cook said...

Hello Naomi. Tasmanian Peter Cook here. I am running a Friday arvo group at school and we go out in the bush and do campfire cooking. Last week we cooked up wallaby stew. Makes sense to me. Maybe we'll try a rabbit this week.

Naomi said...

Pete, are you telling me that you are going to get the primary-schoolers to shoot rabbits or what?