Monday, December 10, 2007


Those are my new red crocs. I bought them last Friday and now I wear them everywhere. It’s terrible. It’s worse than when I bought those enormous unflattering baggy jeans last winter, which I had to do just to stop myself from wearing my trackie dacks to the shops. It seems that I just cannot choose form over comfort when it comes to what I wear.

This does not bode well for my wedding dress shopping which, some of you will be very pleased to note, is the Next Big Thing on my list to do for our wedding. The dress shopping is not going well so far. The shops in Townsville all cater to what the local girls (yes, girls – the average age for a bride in Townsville is about 21) are into which … how to put this? …is something that attempts to span the gulf between trashy and traditional. I was never in the market for the big creampuff of a dress with the astonishing cleavage. I was never going to choose a dress that I’d have to tape myself into.

But as I stand here at our front step, I’m thinking that my chances of finding a dress that is beautiful, classy and not too too uncomfortable are pretty hopeless. At least as far as shopping in Townsville goes. These are all the shoes we wear these days (note that Hayden has the one pair in a neutral tone, and I have six different pairs of thongs to match with different outfits). It’s not as if we had much motivation to wear anything other than thongs. In Townsville the dress code is either daggy shorts or a diamante ball gown. There’s nothing in between.


Eileen said...

No Crocs with the wedding dress. The red will be distracting.

tunabake said...

nnnnnooooooooooooooooo not crocs naomi! they are a crime against, well, anything to do with fashion, naomi throw them off your local mountain. i hate those things! still love ya though :)

Naomi said...

I know, it's hopeless isn't it? At least since writing that post I've settled down to wearing the crocs only to work (only 8 hrs per week, so that's not so bad) and the rest of the time I'm back to sensible plain black thongs.

Hmmm thongs with the wedding dress.. could I ..?

tunabake said...

maybe a white pair ;)

tunabake said...

hey naomi, i keep meaning to ask you - how did you get that image at the top of your blog in the title header? i would like to do that as well. cheers me dears. claire x