Monday, November 26, 2007


In mining-speak, "gawn" means permanently gone, and not coming back, so don't even talk about it anymore.
(If you want to talk about something that's gone only temporarily, you'd say that it's "f*cked off", for example, like one guy said when he got accidentally left behind at the bus-stop: "The f*ckers have f*cked off, f*ck'em!" ... but if you mean that something's really gone forever? It's gawn, eg, "have you seen my stapler? I think it's f*cked off somewhere." "Nah mate, she's gawn. You'll have to get a new one.")

That John Howard, he gawn. Finally.
What a relief.


Mr E said...

I like the implied comparison of John Howard to a stapler.

tanya said...

Hear, hear. Woohoo! Now ain't that something to celebrate!!!!!!

And, like Mr E, I like the comparison - Lil' Johnny really was no more interesting than a stapler.

Eileen said...

Someday when I make it to Australia I am going to have to print out all these emails so that I sound like a native.

Naomi said...

Please do Eileen! I would love to hear you repeating these gems in, say, the literary salons of Sydney or Melbourne.

You could cause so much champagne to flow... out of so many noses.

tunabake said...

is that johnny up a tree? he's pretty good for a 68 year old - that is: up a tree and not in parliament. we toasted his demise with a bottle of champagne.

Naomi said...

Yes it is Johnny up a tree, in effigy form as part of an open-air political sculpture: he's climbing the palm tree to escape the rising tides (after ignoring all those warnings about the greenhouse effect).