Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Of Course They Did

It was the Townsville Amateurs race day last weekend but sadly, because of the Equine Flu, no horses were allowed to attend. But get this: 4500 people got dressed up in their fancy gear - dresses, hats, suits and loud ties - and went down to the race track anyway.

The Townsville Bully's full report is here: Guests of honour didn’t attend, but the party went on regardless.

By all accounts those 4500 people had a good day wandering around the empty track drinking champagne in the sun, although as one attendee put it: "It was a funny feeling, hard to describe I suppose. It wasn't the buzz of previous years.” Yeah, I know that feeling, like when something is missing but you just can't put your finger on what it is..?

I think we can conclude from this that it’s probably worth keeping the horses involved in future.

Has anybody told the Melbourne Cup? Because I think they'll need to know.


tunabake said...

champagne racing!!!

Anonymous said...

too bad they didn't just harness up a couple of the most annoying of the 4500 and have a different kind of race altogether-- oh but my misanthropic streak still lives . .


Mr E said...

That is absolutely brilliant. The kind of ridiculous unself-conscious idiocy that makes me love Australia.