Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here I am

Look, I'm just showing you this because I'm so stoked I've found an alright hairdresser in Townsville. After a couple of disastrous cuts early on in our stay here, I sort of gave up getting my hair cut. That was a while ago.
Today, luckily, boredom came together with a some money burning a hole in my pocket and hey presto! looks OK, don't you think?


tunabake said...

looks very nice, v.sophisticated :)
you have to train that hair now before the wedding and get it just the way you want. xcx

Drue said...

your hair looks great, sophisticated and demure. don't let go of that hair dresser... and can you send them over here?

Eileen said...

You look sassy. It's a good thing.