Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gentle days

Winter is definitely here. I know this, because I’ve got a cold. Winter’s here, we’re still sleeping with no more than a sheet on top of us, I haven’t even looked at my cardigan, but I’ve got a cold already. That doesn’t seem fair.

However, I’ve still been enjoying our perfect days of gentle sunshine. My cold is pretty bad, so I’ve not been venturing outside much - the front balcony is about as far as I’ll go, but at least there I get to see what’s happening at the start of Townsville’s “spring”. Actual spring and summer are a bit too hot for plants, so our growing season begins about now. Both Hayden and I planted seeds in our balcony garden a couple of weeks ago, in preparation.

Hayden doesn’t want his plants growing up to be wimps, so he hasn’t given them any fertilizer or potting mix, just plain dirt and a bit of water every couple of days.

My babies have got the full wimp treatment, and not that it’s a competition (of course it’s not) but mine have actually poked their little green heads out of the ground.

Winter’s lovely here.


Drue said...

Poor Haydens unborn children plants. At least he's aborting them, rather than what Sarah has been doing and that's buying a mature plant and giving it too much love (i.e. water) until it's little capllaries are so engorged the plant gets very saggy and falls over. I miss my herb garden, but nothing would survive the summer here.

Mr E said...

I'm not sure Iron Man training techniques are meant for gardening, but maybe ifhe's really mean to them they'll grow up into angry triffids.

Our garden is lovely and overgrown at the moment. Some of the weeds may now qualify as trees.

Naomi said...

Sarah? Is this true?