Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Separate Vacations

Last time I tried to capitalise on Hayden’s business trip and turn it into more of a holiday for both of us, it backfired and we ended up spending separate time in Brisbane (and consequently separate time alone in Townsville - exactly what I was trying to save myself from in the first place). I had planned to fly down with him and camp in his hotel room (the Brissie Hilton!) and shop all day while he was working. Alas, I had already booked my tickets when he found out that his trip was to be postponed. My tickets were too expensive to change, so I went by myself. I got mum to drive me around to inspect a range of possible Brisbane wedding location options, of course unable to come to any conclusions without Hayden’s input. And Hayden, a couple of weeks later, swanned through those very venues and ordered from the tops of their menus on the company expense account.

Next month he’s booked to go to Magnetic Island for a week of People Person Training (or some such), and I can’t resist it – I’m going to try again to jump on for the ride and turn his work travel into a kind of holiday for myself, and a home/work clash of uncomfortable proportions for him. I wish I wouldn't. But … I’m so permanently thirsty for travel that I can’t not. Plus I really like Maggie Island. It’s so different to Townsville, and yet only 8 km away by ferry. Mum says it’s got different geology, and I don’t know if it’s the geology or not, but it is much more peaceful, quiet and best of all, nearly red-neck free.

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