Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Thing

I’ve always found it easy to invest in functional equipment and tools, anything with added usefulness, mechanical parts, or the potential to act as a conduit to creativity. Last time it was a laptop, and this time it is a sewing machine. I love my new thing, but I haven’t yet started on working it out. I’m slightly worried that once I get going, I’ll end up just like the lady who sold it to me, who was wearing a puckery purple home-made skirt suit with appliqué decorations atop each shoulder pad.

I had to go home and watch Pretty in Pink just to get back on track.


tunabake said...

have fun sewing, i haven't sewed anything in a long time but it is nice to know it is there 'incase' HAPPY SEWING!

Eileen said...

You'll have to take up quilting. I once sewed my sleeve onto a quilt I was making. Creative I am- handy I am not.