Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Day

Same walk, same long meditation past sparkly blue ocean and the same absent breeze. The sameness of the warmth and light and muted sounds remind me of a school day, skived off sick.

The same troupe of new mums power-push their strollers and gossip to whittle baby weight. These same mums, later, must be back at work cos then it’s grandma’s turn to take the kids in her crinkly hands and go down to the beach. There’s nobody school-age or work-age but me.

A skydiver wheels down to land, incredibly, on the same thin lick of sand. Nobody has looked up though. It happens every other day.


Mr E said...

There's no-one work age taking a day off but you? That must be weird. Whenever I have a day off I see lots of people just wandering around, happily strolling, eating, shopping. I always think: who are you? why aren't you at work? what do you do exactly that gives you all this time off? Why am I so baffled by people in the exact same position I am?

Naomi said...

Ahh ... big city life. I remember once spending a day off in St Kilda, and I realised that all those people lounging around in cafes at 11am and in no hurry at all to start the day must be actors. Without exception.

There is no theatre in Townsville, you see, and the only TV produced here is the local news. Hence I was the only one on the beach who wasn't ancient or tiny.