Friday, November 18, 2005

A House!

I am all of a flutter. We have chosen an apartment to rent. Yippee! Ours is the ground floor unit on the left, behind all the trees. To get to our place, all you have to do is step off the beach, walk inland 2 blocks and then turn left. So when can we expect you for drinks?

Drat! The real estate has taken the link to our new apartment down. Well, I guess it is only half-drat really, I would be worried if they were still advertising it, after they told us we could have it.

I will show you some photos after we have moved in. Actually, it’s not that spectacular. The best part is that it was made in the 1990s, in the era before developers became super-stingy with space. That means it has big airy rooms and a nice wide hallway, to let the breeze through. Oh - and it has a big functional kitchen, and a big bathroom which you don't even need to keep the washing machine in! Ahhh laundry tubs and linen cupboads and everything. All the things that I missed so much in our last place, a hotbed of glamour though it was.

How... prosaic.

1 comment:

Roger said...

Two blocks from the beach in the photo? Noice...

How about some pics of the town and nightlife?

Sounds like you've settled in there and it's going well, harro to Hayden!