Thursday, November 10, 2005

30 Days

30 30 30 30 30.

There, I said it.

We went to the top of Castle Hill to see the sun rise and afterwards have coffee and muffins and lovely gifts! And sparklers in the shape of stars.

I have thought about it a bit, but nah, I’m not scared of being 30. It is, as my mum put it in an email this morning: “more self assured and certain with much adventure still ahead”.

That is exactly what I’m looking forward to.

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tunabake said...

30 isn't so bad, in fact i am enjoying my 30's (being 31 now) i still have insecurities but i know what they are now and am comfortable with them like a old teddy bear i've had since i was 5. MANY HAPPY RETURNS, it sounds like Townsville is treating you well. You made me laugh with your tales of the book club...just like iron chief. have a wonderful day. claire