Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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What a lovely birthday! I got completely spoilt with presents, lots of lovely messages from friends and family all over the world, a fancy dinner on the town, and as you can see, cake (pity I didn't manage to take the photo before there were a couple of bites taken out).

I also squeezed in time for a bit of reflection on what has been a big and eventful year. I'm not sure of the exact dates, but I think that it was around this time last year that we heard that things were not going to go the way we thought with Hayden and his old job in Townsville. We started wondering then what the future would hold, but I don't think I would ever have predicted Hayden spending time not working, a couple of fun freezing months in New Zealand, then washing up on the other side of Australia and taking up studying again.

Though I'm still feeling a bit mixed about our move to Bunbury (has that been coming through at all?) there are some wonderful things about it. We've been hanging out heaps with Hayden's cousin Marny; we're trying out living in a big old house in the suburbs; and the study I'm doing (Master of Arts (Writing) at Swinburne) is really very enjoyable. If only studying could stop being an expensive hobby and start being a paying job ... well, if I was going to turn this into an opportunity for making some kind of resolution or goal, I think it would have to be something like that.


Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

Hey, Happy Birthday. I was just thinking that I hadn't seen a post from you in a while and also that I haven't responded to your email from ages ago. I'll get to it soon.

Glad to hear that you are feeling (somewhat) settled.

Naomi said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It really is nice to get so many messages from all over the place.

Settling into Bunbury and WA is turning out to be an extremely long process! We're not quite there yet, but yesterday, having such a good day, I did think to myself that life is finally getting good again. And we've got Christmas and family visits and holidays and all sorts of good things to come.


Melky said...

Excellent Post and Beautiful Cake.. Thanks for Sharing...