Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Beans

Coffee drinking just got even more serious at our place.
Hayden got hold of some green beans (ordered off the internet, where else) so he could try his hand at roasting them himself.

Because he wanted to make it a proper trial, he compared his beans to all the other kinds that we currently have in the house (from L to R): Javan, Nuiginian, East Timorese and Indian. Have you had coffee from India recently? It's one of my new all-time favourites.

Hayden's green beans were from Ipanema (you know, like the girl in the song).

Marny and I watched on while Hayden swirled the beans around on the stove in one of our old frying pans. He gave them a nice dark roast and the smell that came out was absolutely nose-tingling. The beans cracked and glistened, just like the proper ones from the shops!

And the taste?


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Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

How fabulous to roast your own coffee beans. You guys obviously take your coffee seriously.

Sorry I haven't replied to your email. I'll get to it soon.