Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Lunch

Obviously ~ to have love, life, food and shelter is to be lucky.  Especially now; especially in Australia.

But I know that I am really lucky.  

Today, for Valentines Day, Hayden recreated our legendary first picnic together: Summer 2004, Moonlight Cinema, Melbourne botanical gardens.  As he spread the picnic blanket with wine and food he'd spent the day preparing, Hayden asked me: "You're not vegetarian are you?" And I could see all the trouble he'd gone to and answered: (gulp) "... no, of course not."  And it wasn't a lie; from that point on I really was an omnivore.   Today's menu is one of my favourites:  roast chicken stuffed with semi-dried tomatoes, rocket leaves and cous cous salad.  This time, though, it was an indoor picnic as the ground outside is still completely wet and muddy.

Obviously ~ there are ups and downs.  Things happen to us, and other things fail to happen, and the circumstances test us.  We might just now, Hayden and I, be getting a sense of all the things that can happen during a marriage, and how it will last and bounce back and carry on, always growing stronger.  

I'm wishing you a happy Valentine, too.


Tinniegirl said...

What a beautiful take on relationships. You are spot on.

I love your first date story.

Eileen said...

That meal looks amazing. You guys seem like a great couple.