Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The wedding of Paul and Millicent

Paul and Millicent were married atop a hill in northern New South Wales.  

(Hayden took all these photos.)

In a nice twist on the usual ceremony, the whole crowd got to pronounce them husband and wife, and we all yelled together "You may now kiss the bride!"

Later there was feasting and dancing, and quite a lot of drinking.  
(I mention the drinking only because my biggest contribution to the day was to assist my parents bottling twelve dozen long-neck beers, which many of the guys carried around and drank from as if they were stubbies).   

It was grand.


Tanya said...

Great pictures. Especially the second last one.

Naomi said...

Aren't they good? I am enrolling Hayden in that TAFE photographic course as part of his Christmas present, but I'm beginning to think he doesn't need it.

hp said...

Beautiful. Congratulations to P & M!!
When ar eyou coming to Europe? I bought my own flat :)
doesn't mean i'm gonna stay here for ever though.
take care,