Friday, November 28, 2008

Love Friday: The Rain

The humidity has broken.  I do not know if that is the correct term for it, but last night the rain thundered down for hours and this morning the world is wet and dripping.

The fat glossy drops hang on the end of the bottle-brush's leaves, just outside our kitchen window.  I'm standing at the sink, looking out into the grey and green and feeling quite cosy inside.   My Ella Jenkins CD is on.

But what to do next?  I noticed the other day that Lindcraft has opened up a shop in Townsville.  Maybe today's the day I go and check it out?


Tinniegirl said...

Did you make it to Lincraft? I'll be interested to see what crafting you get up to.

Drue said...

in regard to CD's try Madaline Peroyx (classy jaz vocal covers of lenoard cohen, tom waits, etc).

Naomi said...

Tinniegirl: I did make it to Lincraft, but unfortunately there was no inspiration residing there - just a whole bunch of tacky disposable Christmas decorations. We never spend Christmas at home, so I don't do much decorating ... but even if I did, I don't think I'd buy from there.

Luckily Spotty came through for me yesterday ... will have something to show you soon!

Drue: Thanks so much for the music recommendation. Really! Over ten years of sharehousing and hanging out with you and Mikey, I got so used to hearing new music all the time. Now living in Townsville, with my darling though unmusical sporty engineer .. I just don't get the same variety of music that I used to. If you have more recommendations, don't hold back!