Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Warm Up

It's really warming up here.  Every October it's like someone turns on a massive oven with its door open facing Townsville.  During October and November you can feel this oven heating up daily, and by January-February we're really being roasted.

I have been staying cool indoors during the day, sewing.  Not more patchwork, and not clothes (don't get excited Katherine), but I've been making cushion covers and a few little crafty things that are likely to turn up in some peoples' Christmas stockings.  Family, you have been warned.

Lily is my constant companion when sewing.  She likes to rest on any fabric I've laid out for cutting and she loves to investigate the sewing machine - especially when it's going.  But best of all she loves to pull out pins.  She gets as many pin-heads as she can in each mouthful, pulls them out with a jerk of her pretty head, and scatters them all over the floor.  I don't mind so much when they come out of the pin-cushion, but when she pulls them out of the fabric I've carefully pinned up for sewing ... well it does try my patience.


BigCat said...

She's so cute. Tell her to be careful though. When I was little I swallowed a sewing pin.

Naomi said...

Ooh! That sounds nasty!

Much as I love having her as a sewing companion, I am really worried that Lily will hurt herself one day - if not with the pins, then the scissors, the unpicker or worst of all, playing with the dangling cord and pulling the hot iron down on top of herself. She takes it as a personal affront when I take any one of these dangerous toys away from her.

Between the Covers Bookgroup said...

Of course I'll get excited. I forgot to pass on my excitement about your head was a little full last time we met. I have also not got around to leaving comments about my list of things to do....the list is ever changing, but item number 1. is "learn to surf". One summer.