Friday, September 26, 2008

Love Cat Friday

So did you ever wonder what happened to Lily's litter-sister?  We we wondering.  We hadn't seen her since February, not all that long after she came out of the womb second and literally walked over baby Lily to beat her to the milk.  
She's been bigger and stronger than Lily since then.  Initially we thought she was a boy.

We knew that she'd gone to live with some neighbours of ours and that they'd called her Kuta.  But we hadn't seen her at all until recently, when we spotted her scrapping with another (much bigger) neighbourhood cat.

She's grown into a strong independent woman-cat, tough but beautiful.


Eileen said...

She's a great cat- stunning. Speaking of stunning- love the patchwork.

BigCat said...

She is gorgeous and feisty by the looks of it. I love that baby photo too.

Naomi said...

Ooh I should have mentioned, that was Hayden's photo of the baby cats, taken on his massive fancy black camera. Notice the difference in quality?