Thursday, May 22, 2008

the iCat

Over the last couple of days I've been making the somewhat painful transition into new Mac ownership.   It's really worth it, I think - for me anyway, but don't worry, I'm not going to get all evangelical about it to you.  

The best part is  ... hm, I can't decide. 

Is the best part the huge screen? or the fact that Lily doesn't know where the off switch is?  Back on my greasy old Acer laptop, her favourite place to nestle was on the delightfully soft warm flat keyboard.  And she managed to push some of those buttons; including, more than once, the off switch.  So irritating, to have your computer turned off in the middle of typing.   One time we came home and she'd been sleeping with her nose on the enter key.  She had navigated her way through all the steps to reach this question:  Would you like to delete all the files in this folder, yes or no?  It was the programs folder.  I quickly hit 'No' while Hayden gently lifted her off the computer.

She's not such a fan of this iMac keyboard.  I'm so relieved.


Eileen said...

I switched over to a Mac just over a year ago and no way I would go back. Even without the cute kitty benefits.

Sian & Iain said...

That is just SOOOOO cute

Mr E said...

Did you get the Mac to go with the white cat? That's taking interior design to a new level. It works though.

Naomi said...

No, the way interior design works at our place is that we got a white cat to go with our all-white tiles and walls.

When Lily crouches down behind the bicycle parked in the hallway (another important element in our interior design) it's damn near impossible to see her until she's pounced on your ankles.