Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Voting. I do enjoy it. Not just the thought of, you know, participating in our great democracy; I really like the actual act of voting. I like going down to our local school on a Saturday morning, waiting in line, putting all the numbers into the little squares and then posting my form into the big cardboard box. It always makes me hungry, so it's great when there's a sausage sizzle afterwards, too.

This week I got to learn a new pleasure: absentee voting, or voting at one's kitchen table. Townsville is electing its new mayor this weekend, but I'll be missing it because we're going to New Zealand. We're going for one last play down on Hayden's family farm, which is being sold on May 1st. I'll be sure to bring back some photos.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have/had a fabulous time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

hp said...

how's it all going apart from voting? getting excited?

tunabake said...

where have you been Naomi? it is almost April and I haven't seen any more entries. I hope you are well.

Naomi said...

True, it's been a little while!

Today is the first quiet day I've had in a long time: no writing deadline, no wedding crises (not like last week, when I found out that my eyebrows are not symmetrical. How come I never realised?? No-one told me until I paid a beauty "therapist" $18 to tell me bluntly to my face).

But strangely, I'm speechless!

I'll get back to blogging soon.