Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two Years of This

On Saturday afternoon I asked Hayden if he remembered where we were exactly two years ago at that moment? and we both laughed a bit because where we were was about five houses down on the left. We haven’t travelled very far.

Two years ago we were on our first visit to Townsville, and we were taking Marny her birthday carrot cake (it turned out that she’d already had two other carrot cakes that day. She was very gracious about getting a third). We were in town for Hayden to attend an interview for a job at the refinery and for me to check the place out just in case he got offered it.

All in all it was a successful trip. I took the first of many photos of palm trees, the beach and the view to Magnetic Island. I see it nearly every day and I’m not tired of it yet.


Mr E said...

That was only two years ago we were all doing Iron Chef and you told us you were leaving?

Wow, seems like a lifetime ago.

Naomi said...

Yeah, check it out:

(Sorry I don't know how to make that into a link)